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Hyper Growth Academy is founded with the vision to empower people and impact lives with the right skills & knowledge by providing a variety of world class training that focuses on wealth creation. 

These events focused on helping people master the art of creating wealth and achieving true happiness and success through financial and time freedom. 

We are a group of trainers that believe in the importance of investing in self-education and regularly organise training events for people who believe in achieving abundance in all aspects of life and building wealth through self-education, personal development and entrepreneurship.

The first steps to success is to take massive action!

Join us for our masterclasses and take your first step to the life you want.

Our Core Beliefs

hyper growth academy values
hyper growth academy values
hyper growth academy values

Our Speakers

hyper growth academy speaker

Nicholas Ting

Founder of ClickzAcademy


A very experienced email marketing practitioner, he is extremely dedicated in teaching students and ensuring that they are able to grasp Email Marketing easily
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hyper growth academy speaker

William Ang

Co-Founder of DamnWorthIt


A passionate foodie, but most importantly, Viral Video expert that has helped countless businesses grow and boost sales by more than 200%.
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hyper growth academy speaker

Chris Long

Founder of Assets to Millions

about chris

He is extremely knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and is dedicated to teach more individuals on how to leverage on compounding returns of the billion dollar digital assets.
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hyper growth academy speaker

Xenon Tan

Founder of HyperGrowthAcademy


Xenon has a strong edge in digital marketing. His marketing campaigns have proven to be successful, and he is dedicated to help businesses seeking to up their digital marketing game.
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hyper growth academy speaker

Gavin Sim

Co-Founder of Inbox Income Academy


A humorous and light-hearted individual, Gavin is extremely experienced with online affiliate marketing, and is dedicated in teaching and helping students grow their affiliate business.
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hyper growth academy speaker

Joseph Goh

Founder of HyperGrowthAcademy


Joseph has helped multiple companies come up with various marketing strategies to grow and scale more than 300%, and he is driven to help more.
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Our Education Programs

"Boring" 1 Email A Day Side Income Strategy To Profit In 3 Days

Clickz Academy uses time and tested strategies to create a self sustaining email advertising business with little or no money down.

Leverage on the compounding returns of Digital Assets

Assets to Millions teaches you the necessary crytocurrency skills and allows you to generate 300% ROI with the 3 Step DA Profits Blueprint that generates consistent results even if you’re new to digital assets.

5 step email passive income business

Inbox Income Academy shares with you why you should use Email Marketing as your primary marketing channel to grow your affiliate business.

Viral Video Formula To Attract Hordes Of Customers

DamnWorthIt shares with you the Proven Strategy for creating videos that beat the Facebook Algorithm and go Viral. 
Viral videos aren’t lucky…they follow a simple formula. Start learning the absolute best strategies for growing your Facebook page and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from experts. 

Create The Unfair Advantage Online Through Funnels

Digital Skyfortress Masterclass shares with you the skillsets required to build a successful marketing campaign. If you want to learn how to increase your ROI by 300% from every advertisement placed with little budget, definitely sign up for this masterclass.

How To Profitably Speak on Any Stage And Industry Topic

Business Growth Hacking shares with you the tips and tricks on how to conquer the world’s greatest fear – Public Speaking. More specifically, Profit Speaking, the ability to sell any product or service to a large group of people and close deals. If you would like to learn more, do sign up for this masterclass.

We Impact Lives

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